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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
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Remote recovery of data, lost files and photos.

If you have problems with your computer and data loss has occurred, you do not need to transfer your media at all to the data recovery laboratory or invite specialists to your place.
You can solve most of the problems that have arisen by yourself, having received from us a very small and in many cases free consultation on the use of our technology and software.

We will help you wherever you are.

Moreover, some simple, but time-consuming and time-consuming data recovery operations, you can perform with your own hands, which will ultimately significantly reduce for you the cost of providing our services to restore your data.

Perform diagnostics with your own hands and get a free expert consultation.

Sometimes it may seem that your information has disappeared forever. Do not despair, often the situation is not as critical as it seems at first glance. If your TV has stopped working, this does not mean that you need to carry it to a TV studio. Perhaps the fuse in the TV has burned out and it just needs to be replaced! After performing the initial diagnosis, You immediately make life easier for yourself:
  • Don't waste your time and funds on transporting your equipment;
  • Do not give yourself the opportunity to deceive yourself when instead of an elementary correction of the system sector You will be told that you have changed the block of hard disk heads;
  • Do not allow a novice inexperienced repairman to improve his skills at your expense, crippling at the same time your equipment;
  • Do not give your data to a "free" courier as a hostage;
  • Do not find yourself in a situation when, after a "free" diagnosis, you will be called too high a price, and if you refuse, you will be returned the destroyed data;
  • Guarantee that your private data will not get to third parties;
  • Spend less money to solve the problem;
We have many years of experience, more than thirty years. Information recovery is our main activity.
Regardless of the reasons that caused the loss of information, the data recovery process is a unique area of computer technology and requires special knowledge, extensive practical experience and the availability of special software.
Thorough and detailed knowledge of the physical structures of FAT-16, FAT-32 and NTFS allowed us to develop and create own specialized programs that serve to simulate failure situations and restore information. These programs completely exclude the possibility of further destruction of information due to errors in the process of correcting and restoring information, which often happens when using other publicly available programs.


  1. We have extensive experience in the field of data recovery, we have been working since 1991.

  2. Unfortunately, most computer hardware repairers are poorly versed in the features of the file system organization. As a rule, they use publicly available software utilities that are also available to you. However, these tools work automatically. These utilities are based on primitive data recovery algorithms and cannot adequately respond to all situations of data distortion. And the problem is not the low quality of these programs, they are fine they fulfill the capabilities inherent in them. The fact is that there is no universal algorithm for automatic recovery of information. Often the problem is so individual that only an experienced specialist can understand what to do in a given situation of information loss.

  3. Professional recovery services are no less relevant, than the use of backups. As a rule, such copies usually do not contain the latest information, which means they cannot provide full data recovery.

  4. Professional data information recovery and repair services hard drives save Your time. After all, every minute lost in the recovery process is an empty direct loss and lost profit.

  5. Professional data recovery services are much more profitable for the user in terms of the ratio of price and quality of the work performed. Of course, you can find a "specialist" who will undertake the recovery of your data at a low price or even for free. But in this case there is no guarantee that he will do do everything possible to restore the data. You won't even know that your data could have been saved.
Date of last adjustment - 27.07.2022.