Services remote data recovery RAID, lost, deleted files and photos.
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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
1. Give us the files for analysis
and serve their customers.
3. We execute individual transactions
else You do for yourself
4. You work for yourself
using the leased program.
5. Any other mutual
proposed by You.

2. We are working on Your computer as Your employees.

When using this method of partnership, we can fulfill order of Your customers as your employees or partners.

Work is performed in accordance with the agreement between us and a partner.

All monetary relationship between the customer of works is made by a Partner on his terms.

We undertake those works, from which, You, the Lily declined.

For data recovery we use software of its own design. It is far more effective than widespread programs like R-Studio as it can handle disk physical failures devices, including hovering and the loss of readiness.
We have developed proprietary technology and methodology provide recovery services of lost, lost, formatted and inaccessible Windows of information due to partial technical failure of the media.
We have the data recovery is not to run the program and obtaining any result. We have the entire process consists of several stages:
  • 1. Primary diagnostics of the state media.
  • 2. Creation of technological copies of problematic media, if required.
  • 3. Performing data recovery procedures.
  • 4. Show the participant the result of vozmozhnogo vosstanovleniya.
  • 5. Retrieving the requested user data to another good carrier.
Moreover, the first four stages are performed free of charge. Pay only the fifth stage, when the user knows what he will receive as a result.

If You pojavili questions, just ask us by clicking here.

Laboratory Fomsoft - Service remote data recovery and photos with his own hands. Date of the last adjustment - 16.01.2016.