Services remote data recovery RAID, lost, deleted files and photos.
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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
1. Give us the files analysis
and serve their customers.
2. We are working on Your computer
as Youremployees.
3. We perform separate operations
else You do for yourself
4. You work for yourself
using a leased program.
5. Any other mutual

Expand the scope of Your services to your clients!

If Your organization or You personally:
  • Involved in the supply of computers and related products.
  • Perform maintenance of computers, installation of local networks, etc.
  • Make the development and/or deployment of software, system integration.
  • Have a corporate or personal Web site.
  • expert in the field of computer technology.
We will do everything we can depends to cooperation with us was comfortable and efficient as possible.

You do not need any investment and up-front costs, You will immediately get income!

We offer You to extend your services that You offer to your customers. Now You can give them unmatched in speed, efficiency and quality recover lost data.

Above the location doesn't matter. Where ever You are, together we can bring back Your customers, it would seem forever lost data. Use our experience, knowledge of the subject area and the technology we have developed remote data recovery!
You, for their part, have the ability to find and serve the Users who lost their data. They will be grateful You even attempted the data recovery.
And we have many years, over 15 years experience in providing data recovery services. This area is the main profile of our activities. Our qualification confirm restored thousands of hard drives, given up other specialists, and many even claimed that you cannot restore them!
Detailed knowledge of the physical structures of the file systems has allowed us to write your own specialized simulation program failovers and recovery. These programs eliminate the deterioration of of the affected media, as often happens in the case of other programs adjustments content hard drives.
The possibilities of the Internet data recovery technologies allow to provide effective assistance in most cases loss of data not associated with a physical failure of the storage media. Moreover, the presence of local failures in user the area of the disk device, it is not a fatal problem. the

Laboratory Fomsoft - Service remote data recovery and photos with his own hands. Date of the last adjustment - 30.11.2015.