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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.

Technology remote data recovery (remote data recovery).

Our laboratory has long-term, over 20 years of experience in the field providing data recovery services. Using practical experience in this field, we have developed our own software tools for remote data recovery (remote data recovery). This allows us to provide services regardless of the location of our users and partners, the only condition is having access to the Internet.
If You need to recover deleted files, You have occurred a loss of information, or have any problems with hard drive, you come to the place where You will be able to provide real and effective assistance. In most cases You even will not have to walk, all data recovery procedures are performed with the use of Internet technologies remotely.
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Recovery of data and information.
part of the manufacturing operations Customer performs. Customer with their hands, with the help of our programs:
  • produces the formation file of the restore request;
  • controls the degree of possible recovery;
  • passes the file request to the laboratory Fomsoft;
Distance learning, online

maintenance and data recovery
All work is done by the engineer the laboratory Fomsoft on the Internet on the computer of the Customer. the Client approves the work of the engineer laboratory Fomsoft on your computer and launches remote access. All other works produces the laboratory engineer Fomsoft. Customer oversees the work the engineer and holds him a voice or video communication.

Before you pay for our services, you control the result of a possible recovery. And then pay for your work, being sure that it satisfies You.


  1. professionals Have the vast experience. You don't have to provide an opportunity for the layman to train and improve their skills to restore files and information on Your data and Your account.

  2. the Work of professionals is characterized by completeness of information recovery. Unfortunately, most Amateurs are poorly versed in the peculiarities of the organization of the file system, and used as tools software public utilities. The fact that such utilities based on the most primitive algorithms of data recovery and can't properly respond for all kinds of software and hardware failures. In most cases the reason is not low quality of these programs. And that no universal algorithm for automatic data recovery. Often the problem so individual that only a qualified engineer can understand what to do in a given situation of information loss.

  3. Professional recovery service is not less important than the use backups. As a rule, such copies typically do not contain the most current information, and therefore can not provide a complete recovery data.

  4. Professional services data recovery and data repair hard drives save Your time. Because every minute lost in recovery is a waste of Your time and money.

  5. Professional data recovery service is much more profitable for the user in terms the ratio of price and quality of work performed. Of course, you can find the programmer that will undertake data recovery, not having enough experience, but the result in this case to ensure nobody can. Most likely, You will not even know that Your data could be saved.
    while Pro for the same money and less time will be able to recover significantly more information.


In some cases it may seem that Your information is gone forever:
  • drive detected in the BIOS, but the operating system does not detect it;
  • to attack viruses and Trojans;
  • in cases of accidental or intentional formatting hard drive;
  • as a result fatal fault hardware or custom software;
  • as a result failures on the hard disk when reading system areas of the file system;
  • . . . this list can be continued indefinitely.
But we should not despair. If You're reading this - You have found those You will help.

Laboratory Fomsoft - Service remote data recovery and photos with his own hands. Date of the last adjustment - 22.01.2016.