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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.

Free software to recover data, pictures and information.

On this page are links to descriptions of software data recovery, made in the Laboratory Fomsoft Czech companies Best Available Solution Group s.r.o. (Prague).
If the information is intended for a specific user, it is password protected. Its value is The user by email or another agreed with him. the

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Программа Fomsoft Data Recovery is intended for a wide range of consumers, as ordinary users who do not own with special knowledge in the field of data recovery, as well as experienced professionals who are professionally engaged in providing computer support ambulance.
Regular users who do not have special knowledge in the field of data recovery can get a free pre-installation and an objective assessment of the technical condition of the problematic media, and in most cases restore the lost data with your own hands, after receiving a small free consultation from the Fomsoft Lab by email.
For data recovery specialists, the Fomsoft Data Recovery program provides analytical files containing a large the amount of diagnostic information about the state of individual file structures NTFS and FONT located on the problem disk. At the same time the program allows you to view individual elements of file structures in different interpretations of their contents not in binary form, and in a visual and readable form. Using this information, specialists can use semi-automatic data recovery algorithms, implemented in the Fomsoft Data Recovery program, which are not available in other similar programs.
Preliminary diagnostics of problematic media allows you to get an objective assessment of the complexity of the problem and avoid fraud on the part of unscrupulous specialists who volunteered to provide " free " diagnostics of the problematic carrier. In this case, they usually send their"free " courier and promise to restore the data at a very low price.
As a result, the problematic media may actually be taken hostage, and the originally named cost of data recovery is multiplied increases. At the same time, the price does not depend on the actual labor intensity of the work performed, so what was actually done is unknown and unprovable.

Laboratory Fomsoft - Service remote data recovery and photos with his own hands. Date of last adjustment - 25.11.2020.