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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.

Free programs for data recovery, information and photos.

This page contains links to descriptions of data recovery programs developed in the Fomsoft Laboratory and available for free download.
Name Description of the data recovery program
Data Recovery

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The program Fomsoft Data Recovery is intended for a wide range of consumers, both ordinary users who do not have special knowledge in the field of data recovery, and experienced professionals professionally engaged in providing computer ambulance.
Ordinary users who do not have special knowledge in the field of data recovery can get a preliminary and objective assessment of the technical condition of the problematic media completely free of charge, and in most cases restore the lost data with their own hands, having received a small free consultation from the Fomsoft Laboratory by e-mail.
For data recovery specialists, the program Fomsoft Data Recovery provides analytical files containing a large amount of diagnostic information about the state of individual file structures NTFS and FAT located on the problematic disk. At the same time, the program allows you to view individual elements of file structures in different interpretations of their contents, not in binary form., and in a visual and readable form. Using this information, specialists can use semi-automatic data recovery algorithms implemented in the program Fomsoft Data Recovery, which are absent in other similar programs.
Preliminary diagnostics of problematic media allows you to get an objective assessment of the complexity of the problem and avoid fraud on the part of unscrupulous specialists who volunteered to provide "free" diagnostics of problematic media. At the same time, as a rule, they send their "free" courier and promise to restore the data at a very low price.
As a result, the problematic media can actually be taken hostage, and the originally named cost of data recovery increases many times. At the same time, the price no longer depends on the actual complexity of the work performed, so what was actually done is not known and unprovable.
Remote Recovery

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There is no shortage of data recovery programs now, but to use them, the user needs to have specific knowledge of the mechanism of the physical organization of file systems. Without this knowledge, it is difficult for a simple user to perceive information from these programs, since it is focused on specialists and operates with special terms that are not familiar to ordinary users. Therefore, even in fairly simple cases, users are forced to turn to the services of specialists, but since data recovery services quite expensive, many users have to put up with the loss of the data they need. The complexity of data recovery work consists of the complexity of two stages: the first is the state of the problematic media and determining what needs to be done and the second is actually performing the planned work.
To perform the first stage, although with its small complexity, it can be very difficult for a simple user to perform without assistance. But the second stage, which requires a lot of time in most cases, the user can perform independently with his own hands.
Fomsoft Laboratory uses data recovery technology, which divides the entire recovery process into separate autonomous stages.
At the same time, the analysis of the problem that has arisen and the decision what needs to be done is made in the Fomsoft Laboratory, and the subsequent, most time-consuming work can be done by the user with his own hands. This technology significantly reduces for the user the final cost of the service of restoring his information. At the same time, the user pays for the data recovery service only if he is fully satisfied with the result of the recovery the data he needs. By downloading the free Fomsoft Data Recovery program, the user can perform: a) All the work with their own hands;
b) Request a consultation by performing diagnostics of the problematic media, giving the command to the program to send the analysis result to the Fomsoft Laboratory and use free professional recommendations;
c) If desired and in difficult cases, the user can entrust the solution of the problem to the Fomsoft engineer, for this it is necessary to agree on maintenance session execution time and activate the menu: [Start Remote Access session]. This will trigger the remote administration program Ammyy Admin, which will assign a unique identifier to the user's computer, [Your ID] and [password]. They should be reported to the Fomsoft engineer. In the future, the user watches his work and communicates with him through the computer's audio system.

Outdated programs whose functions have been improved and integrated into Fomsoft Data Recovery.

Below is a list of programs that perform certain functions of the technological stages of data recovery. Their functionality has been improved and combined in a single universal program Fomsoft Data Recovery.
Name Description of the data recovery program
UnFormat NTFS
The program of the first free stage of the technology of recovery of formatted data on disks with the NTFS file system. It allows free to check the degree restoring formatted files by viewing the reconstructed directory tree and the control recovery of some part of the data. If the result is positive, then at the user's command, the Fomsoft Laboratory is sent request for the production of a paid program to extract the found files.
The technology differs by the minimum cost ( from $14) and efficiency {from two hours} of providing formatted data recovery services.
In addition, the technology provides 100% protection of information from information leakage.
Recovery NTFS
This program allows you to determine the degree of possible for free and with your own hands, without resorting to the services of specialists recovery of lost data of the NTFS file system, perform a trial recovery of some part of the data. If the result of the trial recovery is acceptable to the user, he can order a manufacturing service in the Fomsoft Laboratory FomsoftRestoreNTFS programs. This program extracts the found files and writes them to another serviceable storage medium. The cost of this program, from $14 to $36, depends on the speed of its manufacture and does not depend on the number of files being restored.
Disk Editor
The Fomsoft Disk Editor program searches for the location of data in the sector space of disk devices, their viewing and correction of FAT or NTFS file structures. The program works with disks - IDE/SATA hard drives, USB external hard drives, flash cards connected to the computer via memory card readers, as well as with USB flash drives.
Disk Backup
The program was developed in the Fomsoft Laboratory. Fomsoft Disk Backup functions within the framework of the technology of remote data recovery developed by the Fomsoft Laboratory .
The program creates technological copies and monitors the integrity (readability) of the surface of problematic internal or external USB hard drives, when working with which the Windows operating system freezes or various fatal problems occur.
The technological copy created by the program is perceived by Windows as a hard disk occupied by a foreign file system.
At the same time, Windows ignores it and does not make any attempts to bring the system into the correct state. Thus, it is possible to avoid the negative consequences of an unsuccessful automatic launch by the system of the program ChekDisk (ScanDisk) and to gain access to the sector space of the problematic disk from remote data recovery programs developed by By Fomsoft Laboratory.
Disk Analyzer
The Fomsoft Disk Analyzer program is aimed at both professionals in the field of data recovery and ordinary users who do not have special knowledge and skills in the field of data recovery.
This program allows the user to independently, without resorting to professional services of specialists and even without leaving home, make a preliminary assessment of the complexity of the situation associated with data loss.
The Fomsoft Disk Analyzer program scans disks and generates text diagnostic files containing detailed information about the found elements of the NTFS and FAT file structures. Analyzing these analytical files in any text editor, you can assess the complexity of the situation of loss of access to files.
In many cases of data loss, it is enough to use the information of the analytical file DiskAnalyzerMINI.txt to recover lost files with your own hands using the Fomsoft Disk Doctor program.
Upon completion of the analysis process of the specified physical or logical disk, the Fomsoft Disk Analyzer program invites the user to send a request to the Fomsoft Laboratory for a free analysis of the problem that has arisen.
Eraser HDD
The program is designed for the irreversible and complete destruction of all data on the selected hard disk. In this case, the entire sector space of the disk is reduced to the state just received from the factory.
The destruction of information is carried out by writing hexadecimal zeros once into the entire sector space of the hard drive. In case of premature termination of the program, at the next start, it finds a resettable hard disk by its serial number and suggests continuing the disk cleanup process from the checkpoint.
Photo Recovery
The program can restore digital photos using the internal formats of the props placed by the devices (cameras), in the body of the photo file. It allows you to search for photos created by a specific device in a specified date range.
The user can specify the file of his existing photo, the name of the camera model will be extracted from it for search for similar photos on the problematic disk. The search for digital photo files does not depend on the state of the disk file system and the presence of faulty sections on it.
After the search operation is completed, the program shows on the monitor screen the result of a possible recovery of the found Photos.
If the result of a possible recovery is acceptable, the user can request the Fomsoft laboratory to produce a program of the found photos in the folder specified by the user. This folder can be located as on a local, and the network drive. After paying the cost of the recovery service, the photo extraction program is sent to the customer at the email address specified by him.
Flash Photo Recovery
The program of the first, free stage of providing the service of remote recovery of digital photos on flash drives and cards.
It finds all digital photos on the problematic media and displays their contents on the monitor screen, thus demonstrating the result of a possible recovery.
If the result of the demonstration is acceptable, the user can instruct the program to send a request to the Fomsoft Laboratory to provide a paid service for restoring found photos.
The cost of this service (from $8 to $24) does not depend on the number of photos being restored and is determined only by the speed of its execution.

Date of last adjustment - 31.07.2022.