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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
In most cases of data loss, you can
restore them with your own hands.
Fomsoft technology makes its services,
recovery very affordable.
Get a free consultation on
restoring the loss of information.
Perform diagnostics of the condition
of the problematic media.
Providing remote access to the
Fomsoft Laboratory engineer.
By applying our program Fomsoft Data Recovery, you can avoid a common problem when, without knowing the true state of the problematic media, the user gives away his media to a free courier for free diagnostics without an objective assessment of the cost of data recovery.

As a result, the disk may actually be taken hostage.

In fact, it may turn out that even with a trifling problem, data from the carrier merges, and the final price it will depend not on the complexity of the recovery, but on the manager's assessment of the customer's solvency.

At the same time, no one is legally deceiving the customer, since any amount previously declared "from XXX" rubles will be formally correct.

You can solve many problems with data loss with your own hands without leaving home!

The reason for more than 95% of all problems associated with the loss of access to user data are local physical failures of the sector space or fragmentary violations of the logical structure and integrity of auxiliary system files that provide quick access to user data to the file system.
Moreover, the actual data itself remains physically unaffected by the problem that has arisen and is freely considered from the problematic medium. At the same time, the carrier itself does not require any expensive physical repair or replacement individual blocks and parts with the use of specialized equipment.
Now there is no shortage of data recovery programs, but to use them, the user needs to have specific knowledge of the mechanism of the physical organization of file systems. And without this knowledge, it is difficult for a simple user to perceive information from existing data recovery programs in excess. Since they are focused on specialists and operates with special terms and concepts that are not familiar to ordinary users.
Therefore, even in fairly simple cases, users are forced to turn to the services of specialists. But since professional data recovery services are quite expensive, many users have to put up with the loss of the data they need.

Fomsoft Lab's technology makes its recovery services incredibly affordable.

The complexity of data recovery work consists of the complexity of three stages that can go cyclically, these are:
  • Analysis of the state of the file structures available on the problematic medium and the integrity of its sector space.
  • Analysis of the state of the problematic carrier and determination of what needs to be done.
  • The actual execution of the planned works.
The first stage, although it takes some time, is performed automatically with minimal participation of the performer. Its result is analytical files reflecting the true state of the sector space and the presence of file structures of operating systems available on the problematic media. At the end of this stage, the program offers to transfer the information received to the Fomsoft Laboratory to receive free recommendations, or simply complete the work.

The second stage the user can perform independently or get free recommendations from specialists Fomsoft Laboratories for their further actions to restore information. It can be very difficult for a simple user to complete this stage, with its small complexity, without outside help.

The third stage is the most time-consuming, but it takes a lot of time to perform purely mechanical operations.

In most cases, the user can perform these works independently with his own hands, using a small consultation in the Fomsoft Laboratory.

The use of such technology can significantly reduce the final cost of the information recovery service for the user. At the same time, the user pays for our data recovery service only if he is fully satisfied with the result of restoring the data he needs.

By downloading the free version of our program Fomsoft Data Recovery, the user can:
  • do all the work with your own hands <
  • request a free consultation and continue data recovery on your own
  • execute diagnostics of the problematic media and, having given the command to the program to send the analysis result to the Fomsoft Laboratory, use free professional recommendations.
  • In complex cases of data loss or in case of problems with the technical condition of problematic media, performing our engineer can perform the corresponding data recovery work. To do this, we use a means of accessing the desktop of a remote computer, the license for the use of which we purchased from the company "Ammi LLC", Russian Federation, Moscow, website:

Get a free consultation on the recovery of lost information.

Our engineer will help you clarify the problem you have and offer the most optimal way out of the situation. The range of problems we solve is very wide. It can be either simple prevention, antivirus maintenance, or recovery of lost data. We solve any problems that require the participation of a qualified specialist with experience and knowledge that ordinary users cannot have.
You can also contact us in other ways:

Opening hours From 9 Central European time to 21 Central European Time (CET).
The rest of the time, use the mailing address:
WhatsApp Maintenance phone number

WhatsApp +420 603 905 917

Providing remote access for the work of the Fomsoft Laboratory engineer.

With your permission, our engineer can work remotely on your computer, for this you need to click the dialog button:

Launch the Remote access program

If your computer uses the browsers Google Chrome or FireFox the system will offer to save the program Fomsoft Remote Recovery - Fig. 94.

Message of Google Chrome or FireFox browsers.
Fig. 94. Message of Google Chrome or FireFox browsers.

You can save the program anywhere. Next, you need to activate the "Show the progress of current downloads (Ctrl+J)" button in the browser and click on the name of the program Fomsoft Remote Recovery, Fig. 95.

Launching the Fomsoft Remote Recovery program.
Fig. 95. Launching the Fomsoft Remote Recovery program.

If other browsers are installed on the computer, then you can start the remote access startup program by selecting the dialog button "Run ", fig. 96.

Запуск программы Fomsoft Remote Recovery из Internet.
Fig. 96. Launching the program Fomsoft Remote Recovery from the Internet.

As a result, the program Fomsoft Remote Recovery will be launched, which will call the remote access module to your computer's desktop and our engineer will be able to work on it remotely. Its start menu of this program is shown in Fig. 1.

The start window of the Fomsoft Remote Recovery program.
Fig. 1. The start window of the Fomsoft Remote Recovery program.

For remote maintenance, you need to activate the menu [Starting a remote access session]. At the same time, you will receive a request for confirmation of your consent to the work of our engineer on your computer, shown in Fig. 2.

Request to continue working.
Fig. 2. Request to continue working.

After your consent, the remote administration program will be launched. This is an instance of the program Ammyy Admin v3.10 of the company "Ammyy".
If the computer is running Windows Vista and higher operating systems, their security subsystem will issue a request to confirm the eligibility to run this program.
However, despite the presence of a certified electronic signature, some antiviruses issue warning messages that this program may pose a threat to user data. Such a reaction of antiviruses to a remote access program cannot be considered either false triggering of antivirus protection, or infection of the program with a virus. This is only a warning to the user about a potential threat to his computer. The degree of danger of running this program is the same as the presence of a scalpel from a surgeon, or a wrench from a plumber, to whom you turn for help. It all depends on who uses these tools and how.
Therefore, if you trust us, then you need to make the appropriate configuration of the antivirus, or disable it for a while performing work on remote access.

After launching, the communication module will display the remote access session control panel, where the computer ID is displayed [green field Your ID], Fig. 4.

Remote Access session Control panel
Fig. 4. Remote Access session Control panel.

This ID and password must be communicated to us, it is necessary for the safe interaction of our computers. After we get in touch with us, a request to continue the communication session will appear on your display screen, Fig. 5:

Request to continue the communication session.
Fig. 5. Request to continue the communication session.

In the received request , check all the boxes, including the check mark "Remember my answer for this operator", in the settings and click [Allow].

That's all you have to do, all the other work will be done by our engineer!

If the user's computer is equipped with a sound card and a microphone, then it will be possible to communicate with the Fomsoft engineer by voice.
Date of last adjustment - 31.07.2022.