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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Fomsoft технология восстановления
потерянных или недоступных файлов NTFS.
Меню - Управление дисками и компьютером.
Поиск файлов, реконструкция структуры
каталогов и восстановление данных.
Передача в Fomsoft запроса на изготовление
программы полного восстановления данных.
Извлечение и запись на исправный носитель
найденных ранее файлов.
Заказ лицензионной версии программы.
Лицензионное соглашение (EULA).
Ответы на вопросы пользователей.
Recovery NTFS

Fomsoft data recovery technology
NTF file system

This program is outdated, use the corresponding
program function Fomsoft Data Recovery.

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Fomsoft technology recovering lost
or inaccessible files NTFS.
Disk management and computer.
Search files, reconstruction of the
directory structure and data recovery.
Transfer in Fomsoft request for
production of full data recovery.
Extracting and recording proper
device previously found files.
Ordering licensed version.
End User License Agreement (EULA).
Answers to user questions.

Fomsoft recovery technology of lost or inaccessible NTFS files.

To achieve high-speed operation of the file system, Windows uses a variety of mechanisms to accelerate access to the necessary files. This is achieved through the use of auxiliary index files, which are organized using a search engine so called binary trees. This mechanism significantly snizhet number of accesses to the disk device when searching for the desired file.

However, in the event of disruptions in the index file file system becomes totally unusable. In this case a Windows He refuses to work with the logical drive, or hangs in the endless attempts to rectify the situation.

Program Fomsoft Recovery NTFS uses its own mechanism for file access that does not require calls to file system functions Windows. This mechanism does not have high speed, but allows you to access files if there are bad parts of the sector space on the affected drive. Fomsoft Recovery NTFS does not use by the Windows file system index files used to it at finding the right files in the directory tree. This completely eliminates the need for the index files. This presence of faults and logical error in the index does not affect the degree of recovery.

Using the Fomsoft Recovery NTFS in many cases to cope with the loss of access to data users. Such cases may be:
  • accidental or intentional formatting the storage medium.
  • The partial loss of a disk device of its technical performance.
  • A sudden power failure at the time, the drive is writing data.
  • Pull-interface cable, when some of the data has not yet been recorded and are in the computer's memory.
  • Software or hardware malfunctions disk IO subsystem operation.
  • Malicious virus attacks.
  • Random failures in the operating system.
Enumerate these problems is difficult enough, but the result is a partial loss of data, or complete absence of the operating system access to the problematic media.
In the case of technical failure medium when it is not detected in the system BIOS, or does not react its connection to the USB port, users have no choice, how to relate this support to a specialized laboratory.
However, in many cases, there is only a partial loss of vehicle performance or logical destruction control of the file system structures. In such cases, data recovery is possible only in software without resorting to expensive hardware repair.

Fomsoft technology allows the user to their own hands, and it is Free without the services third-party specialists to diagnose the extent of possible recovery of lost NTFS file system data, perform verification of some of the data recovery. If the result of the free trial file recovery is acceptable, the user can enjoy in Lab Fomsoft :
  • Licensed version of Fomsoft Recovery NTFS , which restores all the data file structures NTFS with a specified number of licensed HDD (hard disk drives). This version can produce the full restoration of all found files from any logical drives located on the licensed hard drive. Request a licensed version can be preset by selecting optimal number of licensed disks.
  • One-time services for the production and delivery of the program Fomsoft Restore NTFS , which extracts all the files in the current recovery session and records them on a user-specified local or a network drive.
Compared with the conventional technology used by other laboratories, data, our technology has a number of indisputable advantages:

Advantage Due to what is achieved
1 Unmatched efficiency There is no need to move the media with issues in data recovery lab
and back to the place of operation.
2 low-cost services the work is done by the user, while significantly reduced labor intensity for
Lab employees Fomsoft.
The presence of several tariff plans that allow employees to perform laboratory Fomsoft
work at a convenient time for them.
3 100% privacy The carrier is always under the control of the user, and on the Internet are sent only links
location data.
4 Payment only for the results The user can check the result first and only possible recovery
then pays for the well-known result.

Program Fomsoft Recovery NTFS simulation produces a certain virtual disk with the NTFS file system. The user iozhet specify the address of an existing physical disk, hard drive, boot sector or write FILE Record, describing any resident of the first file fragment MFT file table. From these data, the program automatically, without the use of index files, reconstructs the given virtual disk directory tree. This Fomsoft Recovery NTFS is building a directory tree and displays it on the screen, as does the Windows Explorer.
Home free and licensed versions of the program window Fomsoft Recovery NTFS , is shown in Figures 1a and 1b, respectively.

The main window of the free version of data recovery software Fomsoft Recovery NTFS.
Рис. 1a. The main window of the free version of data recovery software Fomsoft Recovery NTFS.

The main window of the licensed version of data recovery software Fomsoft Recovery NTFS.
Рис. 1b. The main window of the licensed version of data recovery software Fomsoft Recovery NTFS.

After running the licensed program prompts the user to enter the e Login and Password to perform the procedure identification on the server Laboratories Fomsoft, Fig. 1c:

Request identification on Fomsoft server.
Рис. 1с. Request identification on Fomsoft server.

In the case of a successful identification is read from the server list of serial numbers identified (tied to the program) hard disks and the total number of possible license disks.
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