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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Общее описание программы.
Создание технологической копии.
Информация об устаревших версиях и аналогах программы.
Лицензионное соглашение (EULA).
Disk Backup

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General description of the program.
Creation of technological copy.
Information about older versions and equivalents of program
End user license agreement (EULA).

the technological Creation of copies.

The hard disk on which to create technological copy should have a special mark. This mark is set by the user menu. [write Protection], Fig. 5.

Fig. 5. Menu write protect.

This is done to prevent accidental data loss caused by erroneous indication of the result the hard disk drive. After selecting submenus [Allow recording], the program displays a list of hard drives that can be marked as writable, Fig. 06.

Fig. 6. To allow writing to the hard disk HD1.

To create a technological copy the user must activate the menu item [START], the screen will displayed dialog panel shown in Fig. 7.

Fig. 7. To create a technological copy of the CD on disk HD2 HD1.

This panel will need to choose the source and destination drives. After clicking the dialog button [RE-CREATE], program will ask for confirmation of the operation of backup, Fig. 8.

Fig. 8. A message to confirm the establishment of technological copy.

If the copy process fails, the program displays diagnostic a message indicating the physical address of the failure and asks for confirmation to continue the copy operation with ignoring errors, Fig. 9.

Fig. 9. A message to confirm the establishment of technological copy.

The process of creating backup copies accompanied by delivery of the dialog panel presented on Fig. 10.

Fig. 10. Displays the process of creating a technological copy of the disk.

If in the process of copying ishly disc loses its readiness and stops violnt coming to him from the program command, the display Voditsa dialog panel presented on Fig. 10a:

Fig. 10a. Mapping of the situation of loss of readiness problematic disk.

Usually it is the result of a technical malfunction of the drive heads or the integrity of the Bloco system area of the hard disk. To make hard drive osobnosti work can only be item withdrawal of the supply voltage.
For hard Iskov, podklyuchenny via USB, no additional power supply, it is item clucene and subsequent polucheniya to the USB connector.
If the drive has an additional power source and connected via USB, it should disengage for a few seconds pitanju.
If the problem drive is connected as internal SATA channel, you have wikichat computer and after downloading run the program up again.
Before clicking [CONTINUE], you can shift the start address of the copied field by specifying specific address, or to specify the size of the shift region in the cylinders.

In Fig. 11 shows a typical example of the problem associated with local failures of the sector space on the hard disk. The first four failure falls on the index files of the operating system. They do not allow Windows to continue the work, and it hangs. The program Fomsoft Disk Backup independently reconstructs the directory tree, the information of these files is not used these faulty problematic areas of the disk can be skipped without loss of data. The remaining failures are local in nature, so most data can be successfully recovered!

Fig. 11. A sample entry from the error log FomsoftDiskBackup_error.txt.

the Resumption of the copying process after a failure or stop

The process of creating a technological copy takes a long time and stall the copying process due to the fact that the source disk is losing readiness. Take him out of this state is only possible by rebooting. Therefore, the program periodically creates checkpoints to continue copying. A checkpoint contains the serial number of the drive and the addresses of the beginning and end of the copied area. At startup, the program checks the availability of the checkpoint file FomsoftDiskBackup.ini, finds by serial numbers of the disks and prompts you to continue the process of copying the interrupted place, Fig. 12.

Fig. 12. The request to continue the copy process.

The user can specify the location address of the copied section and click the [PROLITE]. Pressing the [RESET] allows to start a new session creating technological copy. In the file FomsoftDiskBackup_log.txt is written to the Protocol starts and completions program.

Fig. 13. A fragment of the Protocol of the program.

a General program description.
Information about older versions, and analogs of the program.

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