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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
  1. I Have problems with the 7200.11 Seagate drive (Maxtor diamondmax 22):
    Disk not detected in BIOS, but you can hear the normal sound of recalibration Reply
    - The BIOS correctly identifies the model name but has zero size Reply

  2. the Eternal question - What to do if missing data? Reply

  3. HDD is locked on segate 80 gigs. tried and ATA security tool (where to find user password?) and editpc3k (by the way, he generally does not see the disk). Staff segata utility says the disk is encrypted. Reply

  4. - Accidentally deleted files (photos) from a memory card, requires recovery.
    - Can recover formatted photos, provided that after this was again recorded and erased.
    - What is the cost recover digital photos deleted from a flash drive?
    - how Much time need to restore on the Internet? Reply

  5. - Reinstalled Windows XP. buddy said that the information is saved. Buddy made a mistake. Question is it possible to recover files on the hard drive? If Yes, then how quickly they recover and how much it costs.
    - By mistake folder has been removed, mainly with text files. It happened two weeks ago... is it Possible in this case, to recover lost data? Reply

  6. - I Have a portable HDD 2.5\" USB so it turned out that it has changed file system from NTFS to RAW how can I recover the data on the disk? the disk is not formatted.
    - BIOS sees the HDD, but the operating system determines the file system type FAT32 or NTFS, and asks to format. It does not suit me because the disk contains important data.
    - strange error After the disk broke into two logical disks, data are not read in bios is defined, what advice can you give, or how much it will cost to restore?
    - the computer's BIOS detects the presence of a 2nd hard drive, but Windows does not see him. Handy Recovery sees as folders with names in digits.
    - Screw 120g divided into two logical drives. Not read one that is NOT system. Reply

  7. - External USB hard drive kind of like something burning, but Windows is not defined.
    - Windows does not see the screw, connected via USB (writes \"unknown device\"). On other computers everything is OK. Checked the USB ports for other devices working properly. Reinstalled fire wood - does not help. Before the computer this screw was seen. System restore doesn't work either. Reply

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