Services remote data recovery RAID, lost, deleted files and photos.
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Security policy.

Providing information to Customers.

The user has access to the pages of the site anonymously and access information posted on the website, we do not require registration and providing us with any personal information.

When Ordering on the provision of paid services from the user is prompted only its name and e-mail address for delivery of the requested information and programs. Moreover, this information can be specified completely at random.

When paying for the services the user is redirected to the website of the chosen payment system. With this information, sent them unavailable to us, and we do not have access.

Disclosure of information received from the User.

We will not disclose even the miserly information collected from Users to third parties.

Not considered a violation giving us this information, agents and third parties acting on the basis of contract with us for the fulfillment of obligations to the User. Also not considered a violation of obligations disclosure of information in accordance with the relevant and applicable legal requirements.

We may use cookies, because Cookies do not contain confidential information and not passed on to third parties.

We receive information about the ip address of Site visitors. We will not use it to establish the identity of visitors to our website.

digital signature Comodo Code Signing.

Supplied Fomsoft program signed electronic digital signature, this ensures the authenticity and integrity software, regardless of the source of our programs.

Laboratory Fomsoft - Service remote data recovery and photos with his own hands. Date of the last adjustment - 10.11.2015.