Services remote data recovery RAID, lost, deleted files and photos.
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Terms of service.

Laboratory Fomsoft Service remote recovery RAID, lost or formatted files and digital photos.

  1. Fomsoft provides its Users with free software data recovery, which shows them the result of the possible recovery of its data.

  2. If the result satisfies, he issues a command the program to transmit the order to the server Fomsoft. The User will be prompted for it (arbitrarily) the name, any, available to him the e-mail address and tariff payment services.

    PalPay payment Order.

  3. After receiving notification from the payment system on the payment Order is transmitted for execution. On the basis of the obtained analytical file in Fomsoft made the program retrieve Customer data. In accordance with the deadline specific tariff plan, this program is transferred to the customer at the appointed e-mail address.

Laboratory Fomsoft - Service remote data recovery and photos with his own hands. Date of the last adjustment - 10.11.2015.