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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
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Restore data lost, deleted files and photos.

If You have any problems with the computer, and data is lost, you do not need to transfer your media in lab data recovery or to invite experts to come to your house. Most of the problems can be solved on their own, using our technology and software, having received little advice from our experts.

We will help You where ever You go.

Moreover, some simple but time-consuming operation to restore data, You can perform own hands, ultimately significantly reduce for You the cost of providing uspostavljena information.
Sometimes it may seem that Your information is gone forever. But we should not despair, frequently the situation is so critical, as it seems. If You stopped working on the TV, it does not mean that it needs to go to teleatele. Perhaps in the TV the fuse blows and should just be replaced! Following initial diagnosis, You make it easy on yourself:
  • will Not spend your time and means of transport of their equipment;
  • dont wait, when the specialist will diagnose;
  • do Not provide the ability to fool yourself, when the fuse is replaced You will be replaced, or pretend, replace, the electronics Board (disk controller);
  • will Not inexperienced novice to the expert to improve their skills for Your account, maiming in this case, Your equipment;
  • will Not give away your information free courier hostage;
  • don't be the situation, when, after a "free" diagnosis You will call too high a price, but if You refuse, You will restore destroyed data;
  • Save time and quickly will start to watch your favorite shows;
  • you Warrant that Your private data will not fall to a third person;
  • Spend less to solve the problem;
  • prove yourself, your family and friends that You can not only press buttons on your keyboard.
Our experts have long-term experience, over 20 years. The recovery information is the primary one for us activity, and not additional, along with the repair of vacuum cleaners and irons. The confirmation of our highest qualification are primarily recovered thousands of hard drives, abandoned by other repair shops, referring to the fact that recovery from them is simply impossible!
Regardless of the reasons resulting in loss of information, the process data recovery, is a unique area of computer technology and requires specialized knowledge, extensive practical experience and the presence of software. Our Lab uses a program of its own development radically different from the public programs data recovery (including You), used by the majority of our peers.
A thorough and detailed knowledge of the physical structures FAT-16, FAT-32 and the NTFS has allowed us to develop and create your own specialized programs that serve as for modeling of emergency situations and recovery. These programs completely exclude the possibility further destruction of information due to errors in the adjustment process and recovery that often happens when using other programs.


  1. professionals Have the vast experience. You are not profitable provide an opportunity for the layperson to train and improve their skills in the field of data recovery for Your data and for Your account.

  2. the Work of professionals is characterized by completeness of information recovery. Unfortunately, most Amateurs are poorly versed in the peculiarities of the organization of the file system. So they use publicly available software utilities, operating in automatic mode. But the problem is that such utilities based on primitive algorithms of data recovery and failed to adequately to respond to all the situations of data corruption. In most cases the reason is not low quality of these programs, and that there is no universal algorithm automatic data recovery. Often the problem is so individual that only qualified the specialist may understand what to do in any given situation of information loss.
  3. Professional recovery service is not less important than the use backups. As a rule, such copies typically do not contain the most current information, and therefore can not provide a complete recovery data.

  4. Professional services data recovery and data repair hard drives save Your time. Because every minute lost in recovery is empty direct damages and lost profits.

  5. Professional data recovery service is much more profitable for the user in terms the ratio of price and quality of work performed. Of course, you can find a "specialist" who would agree the recovery of Your data at a low price or even free. But in this case there is no guarantee that he will do everything possible to restore the data. You will not even know that Your data could be saved.

Laboratory Fomsoft - Service remote data recovery and photos with his own hands. Date of last adjustment - 02.04.2017.