Service of remote data recovery and RAID arrays.
Remote anti-virus assistance and data recovery. Как мы работаем Доступные цены Дистанционное восстановление данных и RAID Библиотеки программ Ответы на вопросы Проезд, контакты Remote recover RAID at all levels, formatted disks and digital photos.

Remote recovery RAID arrays at various levels.

Program description Raid Disk Analyzer.   Program description.
The functioning of program:
  • Features of the launcher.
  • Main menu.
  • Selecting a disk for analysis.
  • The mapping process analysis.
  • Send the result to the FomSoft.
  • Frequently asked questions.  Frequently asked questions.
    Raid Disk Analyzer

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    Описание программы Raid Disk Analyzer.   Описание программы.
    Функционирование программы:
  • Особенности запуска.
  • Главное меню.
  • Выбор диска для анализа.
  • Отображение процесса анализа.
  • Отправка результата в FomSoft.
  • Часто задаваемые вопросы.  Часто задаваемые вопросы.

    The program initial analysis of the working disks RAID array.

    Main menu Raid Disk Analyzer.

    In case of successful control of the availability of access rights of the administrator, the program displays the main window (shown in Figure 5:

    recover RAID, RAID arrays, гавное program window Raid Disk Analyzer.
    Fig. 5. recover RAID, the main program window Raid Disk Analyzer.

    The main window menu has five options:

    item numberMenu itemaction
    1STARTselect disk for analysis, formation of analytical file and sending it to the laboratory FomSoft
    2AboutCall description of the software from the server FomSoft
    3Send E:mailSend an e-mail FomSoft
    4Languagelanguage Russian or English

    Description of paragraphs 2 - 4 in the comment is not needed, therefore, is described below.

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