Service of remote data recovery and RAID arrays.
Remote anti-virus assistance and data recovery. Как мы работаем Доступные цены Дистанционное восстановление данных и RAID Библиотеки программ Ответы на вопросы Проезд, контакты Remote recover RAID at all levels, formatted disks and digital photos.

Remote recovery RAID arrays at various levels.

Program description Raid Disk Analyzer.  Program description.
The functioning of program:
  • Features of the launcher.
  • Main menu.
  • Selecting a disk for analysis.
  • The mapping process analysis.
  • Send the result to the FomSoft.
  • Frequently asked questions.  Frequently asked questions.
    Raid Disk Analyzer

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    Описание программы Raid Disk Analyzer.   Описание программы.
    Функционирование программы:
  • Особенности запуска.
  • Главное меню.
  • Выбор диска для анализа.
  • Отображение процесса анализа.
  • Отправка результата в FomSoft.
  • Часто задаваемые вопросы.  Часто задаваемые вопросы.

    The program initial analysis of the working disks RAID array.

    General description of the programme Raid Disk Analyzer.

    Developed in the Laboratory data recovery FomSoft technology and own software rebuild RAID arrays, enable the specialists and partners FomSoft to provide efficient and effective services for Customers using remote sensing methods access to data, without need to physically relocate media lab.
    This technology allows you to recover data from damaged RAID arrays at all levels in an online mode on the Customer's territory. аbr ше This does not require the presence of the RAID controllers. Hard disks can be local physical failures, and in case of fault-tolerant arrays, Pets complete absence of one of the working disk array.
    Такая технология имеет рад неоспоримых преимуществ перед традиционной, лабораторной технологией. First of all, this:
    • timeliness (excludes time logistics);
    • low cost (number of technological operations, the Customer can perform оstrongtremgby own forcesкиemопеstrongЗ as well as are excluded logistics costs;
    • a high degree of confidentiality (media not leave the territory controlled by the Customer.


    All of the technology that can be conditionally divided into several steps:
    1. Analysis of the technical state disk devices and collecting information about the file structures on each of the working disk.
    2. Modeling in FomSoft current situation loss of data, development of specialized software (programs) data extraction and/or record the logical structure of the RAID array to another media, and transfer it to a User in the Internet.
    3. Inspection by the User results of trial data recovery.
    4. Payment of works on restoration, Retrieval of all data and/or record the logical structure of the RAID array on the media guide.

    Описываема here, the program is designed to run initial diagnostics of the status of disk drives that were previously in a RAID array. At this stage the basic opportunity of restoration of the affected RAID array. Here it should be noted, that recovery RAID arrays often becomes impossible because of the wrong actions of maintenance personnel and invited specialists do not have proper experience in performing similar work.
    On our technology from the customer you want to connect, or by turns, or all at once, scratch disks, RAID array as ordinary local drive and cause menu item START. The program prompts you for the number of the physical drive, will Express analysis and independently will give the result of the analysis in laboratory FomSoft.
    In FomSoft will be modeled after the state of the file structures of the RAID and issued proposals for recovery of the affected RAID array.
    If the User doubts in the correctness of their actions, he may use the services of remote recovery and outsourced to experts of the laboratory FomSoft data recovery from the RAID array FOR THE KEY.

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