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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.

Free software to recover data, pictures and information.

On this page are links to descriptions of software data recovery, made in the Laboratory Fomsoft Czech companies Best Available Solution Group s.r.o. (Prague).
If the information is intended for a specific user, it is password protected. Its value is The user by email or another agreed with him. the

NameDescription data recovery software
Data Recovery

Download Freeware V-1.01
Executable file
EXE file 636 KB.
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Archive ZIP
ZIP file
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The program uses its own file access mechanism, which does not require calls to functions file system. This mechanism does not have high performance, but it allows access files in the presence of bad sectors of the sector space on the problem disk.
Using Fomsoft Data Recovery in most cases of data loss allows users and technical personnel for servicing computers that do not have the finer points of recovery data, independently to cope with the arisen problems which, in most cases are not connected with complete failure of the problem carrier. Examples of such cases can be infinity, but their result is either a partial loss of data, or a complete lack of access the operating system to the problem carrier.
This program allows the user to determine in which technical condition the problematic carrier, and do not fall for the trick of unscrupulous repairmen, give them to the courier for "FREE" diagnostics under the promise to restore data from several rubles (although one million OT). In actual fact the carrier is taken hostage, with the data from it merge, and the user is presented a considerable amount. If it is too expensive for him, he is offered to find another repairman and return the carrier, pretreated so that there is nothing on it or with deliberately faulty details. The
Flash Photo Recovery

Freeware V-3.01
The first, free stage of the service remote recovery of digital photos on flash drives and memory cards. She finds all the digital photos on the problematic media and displays their contents on the monitor screen, showing, thus, the result of a possible recovery.
If the result of the demonstration is acceptable, then the user can command the program to transmit the request to the Laboratory Fomsoft for the provision of paid services recovery of found photos.
The cost of this service from 280 to 900 rubles, regardless of the number of recoverable photos and is determined only by the speed execution of the order. That is, the development time and delivery to the user via the Internet programs FomsoftFlashPhotoRestoreRus, which extracts and records for proper device found and shown to the user photos.
Recovery Disk USB

Freeware V-2.01
Using the native access mechanism in the Laboratory Fomsoft developed technology for remote data recovery to enable it and its partners to provide services of data recovery with the use of the Internet. According to the technology users and their hands can recover their own data without transferring your problematic media specialized labs data recovery. This technology, compared to traditional lab data recovery technology has a number of advantages, the main of which are:
- There is no need for the problematic media to the data recovery lab and back.
- Extremely low cost of services available to other labs.
- The impossibility of leakage of confidential information.
- To pay or not, is decided by the user after viewing the result of a possible recovery of data.
- Extreme simplicity of use, it is necessary to connect the problematic disk to the computer and run the program.
Disk Analyzer

Freeware V-5.02
The program Fomsoft Disk Analyzer focused on professionals in the field of data recovery so for ordinary users, not possessing special knowledge and skills in the field of data recovery.
This program allows the user independently, without resorting to professional services professionals and even not leaving the house, to make a preliminary assessment of the complexity of the situation associated with data loss.
The program Fomsoft Disk Analyzer scans disks and generates diagnostic text files that contain detailed information about the found elements file structures NTFS.
In many cases, data loss is enough to use the analytical information of the file DiskAnalyzer.txt, to recover lost files with their own hands, using the Fomsoft Recovery NTFS.
Upon completion of the analysis process the specified physical or logical disk, the program Fomsoft Disk Analyzer prompts the user to pass the Laboratory Fomsoft request for free analysis problems and receive recommendations to address the problem.
Recovery NTFS

Freeware V-2.02
This program allows you to free your hands, without resorting to the services of specialists:
  • Define the fundamental ability to recover lost NTFS file system data in this particular case.
  • Perform a test recovery of a portion of the data.
  • If the result of the test recovery is acceptable, the user can order the production of the Laboratory Fomsoft a program that will extract all the files and write it to another good drive.
  • The license copy of this program, which allows to restore all data from a specified number of licensed internal or external hard drives.
UnFormat NTFS

Freeware V-4.02
program of the first free stage of a technology recovery formatted disk data the NTFS. It allows free to check the degree restore formatted files by view the reconstructed directory tree and control restore certain pieces of data. If the result is positive, the user in the Laboratory Fomsoft goes the request for the production of a paid program to extract the found files.
The technology is minimum value ($14) and speed {two hours} the provision of recovery services formatted data.
In addition, the technology provides 100% protection of information from information leaks.
Photo Recovery

Freeware 4.05
The program can recover digital pictures using internal formats details placed devices (cameras), in the body of the photo file. It allows you to search for photos that match a specific device in the specified date range. the
The user can specify the file of the existing his pictures, it will be extracted the model name of the camera for search similar photos on the problematic disk. Search of digital photo files does not depend on the file system disk and availability failed plots. the
After a search operation programme shows on the screen is the result of a possible recovery of the found Images. the
In the event that the admissibility of the result of a possible recovery, the user can request to the laboratory FomSoft to make a found photos in a specified folder. This folder may be located in both local and network drive. After payment of the service cost recovery program retrieve the photos are transferred to the customer at the address specified e-mail.
Disk Editor

Freeware V-3.05
Program Fomsoft Disk Editor searches for the data location in sector space disk devices, viewing and correcting file structure FAT or NFTS. The program works with disks - IDE/STA hard drives USB external hard drives, flash cards, connected to the computer through the device for reading memory cards and USB flash drives.
Disk Backup

Freeware V-1.06
The program was developed in the Laboratory Fomsoft Czech companies Best Available Solution Group s.r.o. Fomsoft Disk Backup operates in the framework developed by the Laboratory Fomsoft technology remote data recovery.
The program creates a technology copy and monitors the integrity (readability) of the surface of the problem internal or external USB hard drives, which the Windows operating system crashes or there are various fatal problems.
Created by a technological copy of Windows is perceived as a hard disk, occupied by a foreign file system.
In this case, Windows ignores it and makes no attempt to bring the system into the correct state. In this way to avoid the negative consequences of a failed automatic start system programs ChekDsk (ScanDisk) and gain access to sector space disk problem program remote data recovery developed by the Laboratory Fomsoft.
HDD Eraser

Freeware V-4.03
The program is designed for complete and irreversible destruction of all data on the selected hard drive. In this case, all of sector space of the disk is given to the state just received from the factory.
Destruction of information is performed by a single record hexadecimal zeros into all sector space Winchester. In the event of premature shutdown of the program at the next launch, she finds nullable hard drive by serial number and prompts you to continue the process of cleaning the disk with a checkpoint.

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