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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.

Free software to recover data, pictures and information.

On this page are links to descriptions of software data recovery, made in the Laboratory Fomsoft Czech companies Best Available Solution Group s.r.o. (Prague).
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NameDescription data recovery software
Data Recovery

Download Freeware V-5.03
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Multifunctional data recovery program and diagnostics of disk devices.
The program allows users who do not own the nuances of data recovery technology, in most cases data loss cope with this problem on its own, without resorting to the services of specialized laboratories.
Preliminary diagnosis of problem media allows you to get an objective assessment of the complexity of the problem and avoid fraud by unscrupulous specialists who volunteered to provide a “free” diagnosis of the problem carrier. In this case, as a rule, they send their "free" courier and promise to restore data at a very low price. As a result, the media can actually be taken hostage, and the originally named cost of data recovery is repeated is increasing. At the same time, the price no longer depends on the real laboriousness of the work performed, so what was really not known was done and unprovable. If the price seems too high to the user, they return the carrier, processed it so that there is no data there, and they offer find another artist. Turning to other specialists, the user "makes sure" that he was very lucky and he found very good specialists, gratefully lays out money and even begins to advertise his "rescuers"!

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