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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Our prices are below market
at least two times below
Pay only for real results,
if You're satisfied.
Using your own software
developed using experience
since the advent of computers.
Get free consultation.
Start a remote access session..

Get instant and effective assistance, without leaving home!

We are able to solve a wide range of the problems and to perform for You:
  • initial diagnosis of problems of data loss, is free.
  • recover lost data, payment only in case of satisfactory result.
  • anti-virus control your computer and install the licensed antivirus software.
  • problem solving performance of the computer
  • General prevention
  • resolve any issues not related to a fatal failure of computer

Our prices at least two times lower than offered by other laboratories.

To provide such a low price, we allow the following main components of our success:
  • proprietary technology remote data recovery;
  • powerful software products;
  • Orientation program Laboratory Fomsoft on the users who wants to recover data
    with their hands;
  • Years of experience more than twenty years!

You can pay for our work after controlling for possible recovery.

Now some unscrupulous "specialists" offer to transfer problem the media, allegedly on "free diagnosis", promising at the same time very low price solutions to Your problems or free return media. Thus, Your carrier comes in hostage, and if You refuse to pay the price which many times exceed the promised, You return the medium with irreversibly dead data.
We maintain a policy of receiving payment for our work only in the case of a positive result, user shall not pay for work that has not led to the result that suits him.
We do not guarantee that will help You, but in case of negative result, the user does not have to pay the labour, which it not satisfied!

Use of their own programs, using the experience since the advent of computers.

Currently on the Internet you can find a lot of special tools data recovery. However a normal user to use them is extremely dangerous for two reasons:
  • the Quality of many software tools is very doubtful. Often declared the programs do not coincide with their real properties, and their the use of causing irreparable damage to your data.
  • the user typically does not have sufficient knowledge and experience in solving problems with computers. Attempts to self-troubleshoot problems, often lead to irreversible loss of information.
We use our own program, which has absorbed I our long experience, since the inception of personal computers. It gave us the opportunity to develop its own technology and appropriate software to restore data using the Internet.
This technology allows users to recover their data, without leaving the house with his own hands, resorting to a minimum advice from our side.
In complex cases of data loss or problems with technical condition of distressed carriers, the implementation of the respective works data recovery can be done by our engineer. For this purpose we use the means of access to the remote desktop computer, a license for the use of which we purchased the "Ammi" (Moscow, Warsaw highway 32, TIN 7726664766).

How to contact us and get free consultation.

If You have any computer problems that You cannot resolve by yourself or want it done by professionals use free service remote computer assistance Laboratory Fomsoft. To do this You need to press the button:

Start a session via Skype

Our engineer will help You clarify the issue You are having and offer the best exit from the situation. Range problems facing us is very wide. It can be as simple prevention, antivirus service, and to recover lost data. We can solve any problem that requires a qualified professional with experience and knowledge which may not be regular users.
You can contact us other ways:

 +7 495 287-9625 (Russia, Moscow)
+420 731 766 970 (Czech Republic, Prague)
 Call fomsoft-cz
We are open from 9 to 20
However, communication through Skype is more efficient and convenient!

Start a remote access session.

With your permission, our engineer can remotely work on your computer, it is necessary to press a dialog button:

Start remote access

As a result the program will be launched FomSoftAA_v3, to start the remote access module to work the table Your computer and our engineer will be able to work on it remotely. Its start menu this program is presented in Fig. 1.

Starting window of the program FomSoftAA_v3.
Fig. 1. Starting program window FomSoftAA_v3.

For remote service it is necessary to activate the [Start session]. You will receive a request for confirm Your agreement to the work of our engineers on Your computer is represented in Fig. 2.

Request for continuation of the work.
Fig. 2. to continue.

After Your approval will start the program of remote administration. This is a License instance the program Ammyy Admin v3.5, acquired them at Ammyy.
If the computer is running the operating systems Windows Vista and above, the security subsystem will be given request to confirm the authorization to run the Ammyy Admin program (Fig. 3).

confirmation of eligibility start of Ammyy Admin.
Fig. 3. Request for confirmation of eligibility of the program launch Ammyy Admin.

This program signed by our digital signature, so before running Windows checks its integrity and compliance with the safety certificate issued by a worldwide known certification authority Comodo.
However, despite the presence of a certified electronic signature, some antivirus give a warning the reports that this program constitutes a threat to the user. A similar reaction of antivirus programs remote access are neither false trigger antivirus protection, no infection program virus. This is only a warning to the user of potential his computer. The degree of danger run this program the same as the presence of the scalpel from the surgeon, or of a movable key the plumber that You seek help. It all depends on who and how uses these tools.
Therefore, if You trust us, we need to make the appropriate settings of the antivirus, or disable it for a while perform work on remote access.

After starting the communication module will display the control panel of the remote access session, which displays the identifier computer [green field Your ID],Fig. 4.

control Panel remote access session.
Fig. 4. The control panel of the remote access session.

This identifier must inform us, it is necessary for the interaction between our computers. After we will be in touch with us, on the screen of Your phone asks for continuation of the communication session, Fig. 5:

Request for continuation of the communication session.
Fig. 5. Request for continuation of the communication session.

In the request check all boxes, including the box "Remember my answer for this operator", in the settings, and click [Allow].

that's all You have to do all the other work will be done by our engineer!

Laboratory Fomsoft - Service remote data recovery and photos with his own hands. Date of the last adjustment - 23.02.2019.