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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Общее описание программы восстановления
Выбор логического диска для восстановления
отформатированных данных.
Настройка фильтра поиска и отбора, нужных
пользователю файлов и информации.
Просмотр реконструированного дерева каталогов
и пробное восстановление информации.
Передача в Fomsoft запроса на изготовление
программы восстановления найденных данных.
Программа полного извлечения файлов,
изготовленная, по запросу пользователя.
UnFormat NTFS

Restore formatted data

This program is outdated, use the
"Restore" function of the program
Fomsoft Data Recovery

Download the executable file.
Download the archive in the format RAR.
Download the archive in the format ZIP.
General description of the recovery program
Selecting a logical disk for restore
formatted data.
Filter setup search and selection needed
user files and information.
View of a reconstructed tree
trial and recovery information.
Transfer in Fomsoft request manufacturer
program restore data found.
Program the files are extracted,
manufactured, on request of the user.

Fomsoft UnFormat Restore - program the files are extracted, manufactured, by user request.

After receiving notification of payment of the order, to the email address specified in the order, directed the program Fomsoft UnFormat Restore. It is designed to extract the problem with the media data that has been found by Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS. To do this, the user must connect to computer the corrupted disk.
After starting the program Fomsoft UnFormat Restore searches all logical drives and finds problematic the disk contents of the file $MFT. If you locate a problematic disk fails, the screen displays a window shown in Fig. 17.

Fig. 17. Problem drive not found.

If the problem drive is found, the program displays the main window, shown in Fig. 18.

Fig. 18. Problem the drive is found, and the program waits for activation of the menu item [START].

After activating the menu item [START] the program performs the reconstruction formatted directory tree and loaded into memory of the computer, Fig. 19.

Fig. 19. Reconstruction and load a directory tree.

The reconstruction of the tree is performed by the data restore request. After the reconstruction of the directory tree the program makes anyone configuration. At the time of this operation displays the information dialog presented on Fig. 20.

Fig. 20. Primary configuration directory tree.

After you complete the configuration, the screen displays directory tree, as does the Windows Explorer, Fig. 21.

Fig. 21. Search result formatted data.

The user can view the reconstructed tree formatted directory and select the desired files. To restore selected files dialog press the button [RESTORE SELECTED]. After that, the program will ask to specify the location on another logical drive or a network drive, Fig. 22.

Fig. 22. The choice of location for recording formatted data.

In the specified location the program will record marked a formatted file with the save access paths, starting with the root folder of a formatted disk, Fig. 23. the

Fig. 23. Recovered formatted files.

The process of extracting the files is displayed on the monitor screen, Fig. 24.

Fig. 24. The process of recovering formatted files.


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