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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Общее описание программы восстановления
Выбор логического диска для восстановления
отформатированных данных.
Настройка фильтра поиска и отбора, нужных
пользователю файлов и информации.
Просмотр реконструированного дерева каталогов
и пробное восстановление информации.
Передача в Fomsoft запроса на изготовление
программы восстановления найденных данных.
Программа полного извлечения файлов,
изготовленная, по запросу пользователя.
UnFormat NTFS

Restore formatted data

This program is outdated, use the
"Restore" function of the program
Fomsoft Data Recovery

Download the executable file.
Download the archive in the format RAR.
Download the archive in the format ZIP.
General description of the recovery program
Selecting a logical disk for restore
formatted data.
Filter setup search and selection needed
user files and information.
View of a reconstructed tree
trial and recovery information.
Transfer in Fomsoft request manufacturer
program restore data found.
Program the files are extracted,
manufactured, on request of the user.

Transfer in Fomsoft request production program recovery data found.

After reviewing the result of a possible recovery formatted data, the user can give the program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS command to transfer in Laboratory Fomsoft the query is not commercial production of the extract utility found this program the right user files. To do this, he must press a dialog button [send the restore request] figure 11. After that, the program will display the request form, presented in Fig. 13.

Request form to restore formatted files.
Fig. 13. Request form to restore formatted files.

The user must specify three parameters:
  • Its name;
  • the email address to which he will be sent to the program retrieve formatted data Fomsoft UnFormat Restore;
  • Tariff plan payment order, which is selected by the user based on the desired delivery time and economic feasibility.
The list of possible tariff plans are given below in the table:

Tariff planruntimeprice in USD or equivalent
Economy24 working hours14
Common18 working hours20
Speed12 working hours26
Extra2 working hours34

After filling all the parameters of the request form and click the dialog button [SUBMIT ORDER], the program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS sends the generated request to the server Laboratory Fomsoft and displays the server response, Fig. 14.

The server response Laboratory Fomsoft.
Fig. 14. The server response Laboratory Fomsoft.

To control the correctness of the entered address entered email address, it sends an e-mail to confirm the necessity of the execution order, Fig. 15.

A letter to confirm your order.
Fig. 15. A letter to confirm your order.

In the subject specify the order identifier (ORDER ID) which can be used for further communication regarding the execution of this order.
After confirmation of the order is queued in the execution of orders according to the user-specified tariff fee payment.
If for any reason the program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS failed to submit the request on the server, it displays an appropriate message, Fig. 16.

Error sending the request.
Fig. 16. Error sending the request.

In this case, you must transfer the request file FomsoftUnFormatNTFS.bin, in any other way to the email address Laboratory Fomsoft. This file is written to the folder where the program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS.

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