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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Общее описание программы восстановления
Выбор логического диска для восстановления
отформатированных данных.
Настройка фильтра поиска и отбора, нужных
пользователю файлов и информации.
Просмотр реконструированного дерева каталогов
и пробное восстановление информации.
Передача в Fomsoft запроса на изготовление
программы восстановления найденных данных.
Программа полного извлечения файлов,
изготовленная, по запросу пользователя.
UnFormat NTFS

Formatted data recovery on the disks
with the file system NTFS

Freeware version of V-4.02

Download the executable file.
EXE - 290 KB.
Download archive in RAR format.
RAR - 90 KB.
Download archive in ZIP format.
ZIP - 99 KB.
General description of the recovery program
Selecting a logical disk for restore
formatted data.
Filter setup search and selection needed
user files and information.
View of a reconstructed tree
trial and recovery information.
Transfer in Fomsoft request manufacturer
program restore data found.
Program the files are extracted,
manufactured, on request of the user.

Fomsoft UnForam NTFS General description of the recovery program formatted data.

The program is designed to Laboratory Fomsoft Czech companies Best Available Solution Group s.r.o. It implements the first free phase recovery technologies formatted data on the storage devices with NTFS file system. This program is designed for the ultimate users and allows them to free and own hands, without resorting to the services third-party experts, to fully recover lost data from formatted disk devices.

The program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS Recovery without the file system functions operating system Windows, makes scanning a sector of space given logical disk and finds on it the FILE Record relating to pre-existing the directory tree. While records created after formatting is ignored. Found in this way is enough information, the program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS Recovery was able to reconstruct pre-existing directory tree and to restore formatted files.

For the operation of programs that require administrator access rights, if such rights are not, then an appropriate message. For different versions of operating systems, these messages are different:
No administrative privileges (Windows XP).
Fig. 1. No administrative privileges (Windows XP).
No administrative privileges (Windows Vista and above).
Fig. 2. No administrative privileges (Windows Vista and above).

To run the program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS Recovery on Windows Vista and above it should be save to any folder and run as system administrator. For this purpose, click with the right mouse button on the file name and choose the item drop down menu, "Run as administrator". After the successful launch of the program displays the main window and waits for activation by the user of an item menu, Fig. 3.

The main window of the program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS.
Fig. 3. The main window of the program Fomsoft UnFormat NTFS.

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