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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Общее описание программы FomsoftFlash Photo Recovery. Общее описание программы.
Главное окно и меню программы. Главное окно и меню программы.
Отображение процесса поиска. Отображение процесса поиска.
Просмотр найденных фотографий. Просмотр найденных фотографий.
Запрос на восстановление. Запрос на восстановление.
Способы и варианты оплаты. Способы и варианты оплаты.
Программа извлечения фотографий по данным файла-запроса. Программа извлечения фотографий
по данным файла-запроса.
Flash Photo Recovery

This program is outdated, its functions have been improved
and moved to the program Fomsoft Data Recovery.

Free download

To download an executable EXE file.
EXE - 511 KB.
Download RAR archive.
RAR - 157 KB.
Download ZIP archive.
ZIP - 192 KB.
General description of the program Fomsoft Flash Photo Recovery. General description of the program.
The main window and menus of the program. The main window and menus of program.
The display of the search process. The display of the search process.
View found photos. View found photos.
A request for photographs. A request for photographs.
Ways and payment options. Ways and payment options.
Extract program of photographs according to the data of the file request. Extract program of photographs according
to the data of the file request.

General description of the program.

This program first, free stage of the service to recover digital remote photos on flash drives and cards.

She finds only digital photos on the problematic media, filtering out other images in JPG format. After scanning the media, the program displays the contents of the found photos on the screen of the monitor, thus demonstrating the result of a possible recovery.
If the result of the demonstration is acceptable to the user, he can give the program a command to transmit request to the Laboratory Fomsoft for the provision of paid services for the restoration of found photos.

service Cost is determined only by the speed of execution of the Order and does not depend on the number recoverable photos.

Under the execution of the Order refers to the production and delivery of the customer program Fomsoft Flash Photo Restore, which makes the extraction of the problematic media found images and record them on proper device.
Unlike most other similar programs, as names of files used the date and time of their creation. And the files recorded in the subdirectories with the name of the device or the programs of their creation.

Defined 7 tariff plans:

nNamedelivery Speed in working hoursPrice USD
7On lineAt the agreed with the Customer$24

Under working hours means the time interval from 9 to 20 hours on Central European time. The customer chooses the most suitable and convenient tariff plan. Payment recovery service can be made through international payment systems. This provides the highest level of security of the payment, because the payment details cards are only sent to the payment system and she only makes payments to The customer service.
If necessary, the Customer receives the Invoice (invoice) with the payment details for payment through a traditional Bank transfer or via Bank-client.

If the user has been hampered by the correctness of their actions, they can apply for free consultation by E-mail to the lab Fomsoft, or order the execution of this her specialist turn-key service, remote recovery data and emergency assistance to a computer on the Internet. This service costs $24.

In the operation of a program accesses the disk devices to bypass the file system. The program must have Administrator privileges.
Operating system Windows XP, the program receives the access rights of the user who runs the program. Therefore, it can only work under a user account that has administrator rights. If the system fails the program of direct access, it displays a message presented on Fig. 1.

the Lack of administrative privileges (Windows XP).
Fig. 1. No administrator privileges (Windows XP).

Operating systems Windows Vista/7/8/10, the program access rights are prescribed individually and independently from the rights of access, the user who will use it. Therefore, if such rights program not spelled out in advance, in the direct access disks she will be denied. The program will inform the user message, which is shown in Fig. 2.

the Absence of the administrator of the program (Windows Vista/7/8/10).
Fig. 2. No administrator access program (Windows Vista/7/8/10).

So to run the program Fomsoft Flash Photo Recovery from Explorer by right - click on the name and selecting "Run as administrator", Fig. 3.

Run program as Administrator in Windows Vista/7/8/10.
Fig. 3. run the program as Administrator in Windows Vista/7/8/10.

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