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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Общее описание программы.
Физические и логические диски.
Поиск расположения данных
на дисковых устройствах.
Просмотр файловых структур.
Редактирование секторного
пространства дисковых устройств.
Запись секторов с диска в файл
и из файла на диск.
Получить лицензионный экземпляр.
Информация об устаревших версиях
и аналогах этой программы.
Лицензионное соглашение (EULA).
Disk Editor

Search for data location and view file structures.

This program is deprecated, use the
program disk viewing functions
Fomsoft Data Recovery.

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General description of the program.
Disk management and the computer.
Search data
the disk devices.
Viewing file structures.
Editing sectoral
space of the disk devices.
Write sectors from the disc to a file
from a file on disk.
To obtain the license.
Information about older versions
and equivalents of this program.
End User License Agreement (EULA).

Detailed description of the program Fomsoft Disk Editor V-3.05.

The program Fomsoft Disk Editor rachitan for a wide range of Users, as experts data recovery and abyaneh customers who want to recover data with their own hands.

The program was developed in the Laboratory Fomsoft. She funkcioniruet as an independent program, though what in the software technology remote data recovery developed in Laboratorie Fomsoft.

This program searches for the location information on the storage media including:
  • Hard drives connected with potam IDE/STA materinskoy card, local hard disks.
  • External hard disk drives connected to the computer through USB ports.
  • Flash card connected to the computer via the device for reading memory cards.
  • USB flash drives.
  • Any other external device, openimageio computer as devices vneshnei memory.
Search location information on the medium produced by the context or the mask.
  • the Context is considered to be an arbitrary sequence of characters that you may be in any place the analyzed sector.
  • Mask defines assumes a fixed location search funnels to check the sector.
The search sequence can be entered from the keyboard or read from a file. In the case of a file, specify the sector number of the file (it is divided into sections of 512 bytes, the sections are numbered from zero), the offset of the search image relative to the beginning of the segment, and its length.
The location information of the information found in terms of LBA address and the Cylinder-Head-Sector contains a searchable form written to the text file, which you can view with any text editor.

The software allows you to view and adjust (licensed versions) sector containing the elements of the file structures operating systems NTFS and FAT. As part of the file structure can be specified:
  • Number of sectors per logical drive.
  • Number of clusters of logical drives.
  • Number of records in the MFT, so-called record FILE Record.
  • Rooms fizicheskih sectors disk devices.
Derive display sectors can be interpreted as:
  • table of partitions MBR or GPT;
  • Boot sector NTFS or FAT;
  • Entry in the MFT, the so-called record FILE Record ;
  • Sector contents of the directory (directory) FAT;
  • Content Faylovaoy table FAT16/32;
  • In traditional hexadecimal-character format.
The program comes in 3 versions - Freeware, Licensed and Business:
  • Freeware - This option is free, and is intended for primary control status of the file system on the storage devices. This option provides only search and view information on the storage devices.
  • Licensed - This option is intended solely for personal, non-commercial use. He adjusts sector of hard disk space specified by the user at registration of the License.
  • Business - Version has no functional limitations, but is available only to Partners Fomsoft as commercial lease. Specific lease terms negotiated with each Partner individually.
If the user doubts the correctness of his manipulation of his medium, he can always ask for free consultation by E-mail to the Laboratory Fomsoft. In this case, regardless of his location, he can use the service remote computer ambulance on the Internet.
Laboratory Fomsoft worked its own technology and have developed the corresponding software that allows to provide services remote data recovery.
For the high efficiency of the developed in Fomsoft software and the fact that some time-consuming operations can be performed by the user, these services are much cheaper and faster in comparison with similar services, other laboratories and individual data recovery specialists.
An additional important aspect of the technology Fomsoft is providing 100% security against leakage of confidential data. This is achieved due to the fact that the media is always under the control of the user, and on the Internet passed not the data itself, but only the address of their location on the media.

The main window of the program Fomsoft Disk Editor is presented in Fig. 1.

Main window of data recovery Fomsoft Disk Editor.
Fig. 1. The main window of data recovery Fomsoft Disk Editor.

Function menu has the following structure:
  • Drives
  • Search location data
    • wildcard Search in the file
    • Search for the signature of the file
    • Search for the signature entered from the keyboard
  • View
    • Physical sector Alt+P
    • Logical sector Alt+S",0
    • Logical cluster Alt+C",0
    • No. MFT record Alt+N",0
    • Sector partition Ctr+S",0
    • Cluster partition Ctr+C",0
    • Navigation
      • setting the parameters ",0
      • In the beginning of the drive Home",0
      • At the end of the disc End",0
      • Go to sector Up",0
      • Back Down on the sector",0
      • Go to the group of sectors Arrow right",0
      • Back to the group of sectors left Arrow",0
      • Back on the block sectors PageUp ",0
      • Go to the block sector PageDown ",0
    • interpretation
      • HEX format F2
      • FILE Record F3
      • table of contents F4 FAT
      • table F5 FAT
      • Boot sector FAT F6
      • table partitions F7
      • NTFS Boot sector F8
  • Correction
    • Enable writing to the disk
    • Disable the write to disk
    • Remove the write lock
    • Edit the sector F9
    • to Reset the adjustable sector Ctr+0
    • Record from disk file
    • Record from a file on disk
  • Tech. under.
    • About the programmes
    • free consultation, contact
    • the program Page on the Internet
    • Library recovery software
    • Run a local service programs
      • computer Management
      • Explorer
      • Calculator
  • Remote. recovery
  • Request License
  • Language to Set the language interface)

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