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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Описание программы Fomsoft Disk Analyzer V-5.02. Общее описание программы.
Лицензионное соглашение (EULA).
Запуск программы: Запуск программы:
Главное меню программы. Главное меню программы.
Выбор диска для анализа. Выбор диска для анализа.
Настройка фильтров поиска. Настройка фильтров поиска.
Задание папки для записи данных. Задание папки для записи данных.
Отображение хода сканирования. Отображение хода сканирования.
Отправка результата. Отправка результата на анализ.
Часто задаваемые вопросы. Часто задаваемые вопросы.
Предыдущие аналоги и версии программы. Предыдущие аналоги и версии.
Disk Analyzer

This program is outdated, use the "Diagnostics"
function of the program Fomsoft Data Recovery.

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Исполняемы файл
EXE file 343 KB.
Архив RAR
RAR file
87 KB.
Архив ZIP
ZIP file
93 KB.
Description of the program Fomsoft Disk Analyzer V-5.02. General description of the program.
End User License Agreement (EULA).
The functioning of the program: The functioning of the program:
The main menu of the program. The main menu of the program.
Selecting a disk for analysis. Selecting a disk for analysis.
Configuring filters search. Configuring filters search.
Specifies the folder for recording data. Specifies the folder for recording data.
Displays the scanning process. Displays the scanning process.
Send the results of the analysis. Send the results of the analysis.
Frequently asked questions. Frequently asked questions.
Previous analogues and version. Previous analogues and version.

Displaying results of searching the file structures.

After the end of the operation find elements of file structures for a particular disk, displays the message presented in Fig. 13.

Рис. 13. The message about the end of the search file structures.

Clicking on the dialog button "REQUEST a CONSULTATION", the user instructs the program to send files:
  • FomsoftDiskAnalyzer.txt
  • FomsoftDiskAnalyzerMINI.txt
  • FomsoftDiskAnalyzerDISKI.txt
  • FomsoftDiskAnalyzerSTRING.txt
  • FomsoftDiskAnalyzerERROR.txt
  • FomsoftDiskAnalyzerUSER.txt
  • FomsoftDiskAnalyzerMBR.bin
In the Laboratory Fomsoft, where will be performed a free analysis of the problems encountered with the media and developed recommendations for their elimination. After receipt of data analysis, the server Laboratory Fomsoft program will confirm the fact of receipt of the data analysis Fig. 14:

Рис. 14. The response from the server the Laboratory Fomsoft.

To control the correctness of jobs ' email, they will send you a letter, represented in Fig. 15:

Fig. 15. Letter asking to confirm the necessity of performing the analysis.

This letter serves to control the correct email address and confirm analysis and development of recommendations of experts of the Laboratory Fomsoft for solving the problem.
After confirmation, the request will be forwarded for execution to the specialists of the Laboratory Fomsoft. By default, the analysis runs for two days.
If the need for our help has disappeared, this letter can be ignored, the request will be automatically cancelled.
For emergency communications use Skype fomsoft-cz.
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