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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
Описание программы Fomsoft Disk Analyzer V-5.02. Общее описание программы.
Лицензионное соглашение (EULA).
Запуск программы: Запуск программы:
Главное меню программы. Главное меню программы.
Выбор диска для анализа. Выбор диска для анализа.
Настройка фильтров поиска. Настройка фильтров поиска.
Задание папки для записи данных. Задание папки для записи данных.
Отображение хода сканирования. Отображение хода сканирования.
Отправка результата. Отправка результата на анализ.
Часто задаваемые вопросы. Часто задаваемые вопросы.
Предыдущие аналоги и версии программы. Предыдущие аналоги и версии.
Disk Analyzer

This program is outdated, use the "Diagnostics"
function of the program Fomsoft Data Recovery.

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Description of the program Fomsoft Disk Analyzer V-5.02. General description of the program.
End User License Agreement (EULA).
The functioning of the program: The functioning of the program:
The main menu of the program. The main menu of the program.
Selecting a disk for analysis. Selecting a disk for analysis.
Configuring filters search. Configuring filters search.
Specifies the folder for recording data. Specifies the folder for recording data.
Displays the scanning process. Displays the scanning process.
Send the results of the analysis. Send the results of the analysis.
Frequently asked questions. Frequently asked questions.
Previous analogues and version. Previous analogues and version.

Display of the analysis process file structures.

Displaying process analysis.
Fig. 12. The display of the analysis process.

If when reading from the disk, it gives the error message, the display is the message presented on Fig.12a.

Error reading sector.
Fig. 12a. Error reading sector.

The user can continue the program by pressing the dialog click YES, and for each failure will be be given an appropriate message. If NO is pressed, the program will continue without notifying the user about the failure. Reply CANCEL will exit the program. the
In some complex failed cases, there is a situation when the hard drive's firmware does not have time handle failure to set aside for the operating system. When this operating system fixes loss hard disk drive ready, i.e. it is a fatal fault. However, after some time hard the drive becomes ready to execute commands, and re-issuing interrupted command allows you to continue it work. But there are situations in which the firmware disk management hangs and for the release of this the disc is ready you want to remove, and then sue him food. If you encounter a similar situation the program displays the message, represented in Fig. 12b.

the Loss of readiness.
Fig. 12b. The loss of the disk is ready.

If loss ready the hard drive was temporary, that dialog you can press the CONTINUE button without changing address read sector. If the willingness not to recover, then you can skip some sectors, putting in a new physical or LBA address of the next sector. Entering the number of dropped cylinders, and pressing the SKIP button dialog, it is possible to displace the current address at 16065*N sectors, where N is the number of dropped cylinders.
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