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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
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Data Recovery


Data recovery, diagnostics of disk devices,
analysis and viewing of file structures.

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License Agreement (EULA).

Data Recovery Software Fomsoft Data Recovery, License Agreement (EULA).

The data recovery program Fomsoft Data Recovery is distributed on the basis of the "Try Before You Buy" (Shareware) principle. It means that:
  1. All copyrights to Fomsoft Data Recovery are exclusively owned by its author - Yuri Fomin .

  2. The program can be used for unlimited time, while, unlike the Licensed version, its functional The possibilities will be somewhat limited: - the program recovers only unfragmented files from one to sixty-four K.bytes in length.

  3. The Fomsoft Data Recovery program is distributed on an "as is" basis. It does not provide any guarantees, express or implied. The user uses it at his own risk. The author and his authorized agents are not responsible for loss of information, damage, loss of profits or any other similar types of loss associated with the use (correct or incorrect) of this program.

  4. The user has no right to emulate, rent, rent, sell, modify, disassemble differently than described in this license. Any such unauthorized use leads to immediate and automatic termination of this license and may entail criminal and/or civil the pursuit.

  5. The licensed version is operated under the control of the Fomsoft Laboratory server, therefore only if you have access to the Internet.

  6. Installing and using Fomsoft Data Recovery automatically means you agree to the terms of this license.

  7. If the user does not agree with the terms of this license, he must delete the Fomsoft Data Recovery program file from all media and refuse to continue to use this software product.

Date of last adjustment - 26.07.2022.