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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
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Data Recovery


Data recovery, diagnostics of disk devices,
analysis and viewing of file structures.

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Free help and services of the Fomsoft data recovery laboratory.

We will help you to solve most of the problems with your own hands, without leaving home and at the lowest prices.

If you find a loss of data, or have problems with a hard drive or flash card, then you find those, who will give you real and effective help.
In most problematic cases, you do not go anywhere , most data recovery procedures are all You can do the operations yourself. In more complex cases, it will be enough for you to get a free consultation our engineers.
In whiter hard cases, we will restore your data for free and demonstrate the result, using Internet technology. You yourself will decide to pay for the work done by us or not!
We solve problems when other specialists could not recover data, or set too high a price, demanding with an advance payment, not giving guarantees that the problem will be solved!
Based on many years of experience in providing data recovery services for more than 25 years, we have developed our own technology and own tools providing remote data recovery services and information.
According to the traditional technology, all recovery procedures are produced in a local place using fixed algorithms, practically in automatic mode.
The technology developed at Fomsoft Laboratories is to divide the entire technological process of recovery data on several isolated and independent stages:

  1. Scanning the sector space of a problematic data carrier, including:
    • - checking the integrity of the physical media sectors;
    • - search for the individual elements of file structures that are preserved on it;
    • - the formation of analytical diagnostic files.
  2. Diagnostics of diagnostic scan results, evaluation of the possibility of recovery
    and the definition of ways to solve the problem that arose with the loss of data.
  3. Completion of the planned works of the previous stage.
  4. Verify the restoration of some part of the data and check the results of the user this supposed data recovery.
  5. The decision on the acceptability of the result of the alleged restoration of information.
  6. Sending a request to the Lab to link the problem media, for the Licensed version program or order for the manufacture of a specialized retrieval program information.
  7. Extract the information found to another healthy local or network drive.
Such a separation of the stages of data recovery allows you to disperse the execution of individual stages both in terms of their execution time, and the geography of their implementation. At the same time the most complex and important technological stages are made by specialists Laboratories Fomsoft, and other, more simple, but time-consuming and time-consuming processes, carried out by the Customer's hands . Due to the participation of the Customer in the process of data recovery, the laboriousness of the work performed in Laboratories Fomsoft. And this allows significantly reduce the cost of the service for the Customer data recovery .

Step The essence of the technological stage
The following works on the client's computer:
Engineer Fomsoft Customer
1 Diagnose the physical status of the problematic media and the FAT32 or NTFS file system. Engineer Fomsoft Customer
2 Diagnostics of Diagnostic Work Information of the Next Steps for Recovery user data. Engineer Fomsoft Customer or
engineer Fomsoft
3 Checking the result of the alleged recovery by extracting some clean data and deciding on the acceptability ordering and paying for a commercial service restoring the information found. Customer Customer
4 generate a request to restore the necessary data and send it to the Fomsoft Laboratory on the Internet. Or a media binding request for the Licensed version. Engineer Fomsoft Customer
5 Development of a specialized program Fomsoft Data Restore or replenishment of the list of licensed media for The licensed version. Engineer Fomsoft Engineer Fomsoft
6 Run the Fomsoft Data Restore program received from Fomsoft to extract information or execute the [RESTORE FIXED FILES] command in the Licensed version. Customer or
engineer Fomsoft

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