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Сервис дистанционного восстановления данных, потерянных, удаленных файлов и фотографий.
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Data Recovery


Data recovery, diagnostics of disk devices,
analysis and viewing of file structures.

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General description of the data and information recovery program Fomsoft Data Recovery.

The Fomsoft Data Recovery program uses its own data access mechanisms based on direct access to the sector space physical disks and do not use the access functions to the data in the Windows file system. The program has built-in special mechanisms for handling read failures sector space of disk devices, and drive loss of availability. Because of this, in some complex cases, when other programs are powerless, Fomsoft Data Recovery efficiently reconstructs the directory tree and provides information extraction from allegedly lost files.
In most cases, the problem of data loss occurs because of read failures of individual sectors that contain auxiliary file service information. systems. In this case, the operating system loses access to user data, while the actual data remain intact and safeties.

In practice, two main data recovery technologies are used:
  1. Restore the file system "live" by correcting the problematic media.
  2. Extract data from the problematic media and write it to another healthy media.
Despite the obvious advantages of the first data recovery technology:
  1. Ability to continue without additional copying operations.
  2. do Not reinstall the software if there are problems with the disk containing the software.
  3. No intermediate storage is required.
  4. the Presence of native mechanisms built into the operating system to bring the file system to the correct state.
The use of the first method of data recovery "live" involves with a huge risk not only to lose the missing data, but lose all data on the problematic media!
Using the built-in command in the check disk operating system in the "fix errors and sectors" mode often results in a complete and irreversible destruction of the file system.
Performing the Remap operation to hide bad sectors can completely destroy the so-called translator hiding mechanism bad blocks built-in firmware hard disk management. In this case, the content of the hidden bad sectors is reset and further can not be restored. This eliminates the possibility of using special programs subtracting the contents of poorly readable sectors from problem disks.
Therefore, before using the adjustment method "live", read the reviews of users who have lost their data due to its use.
The program Fomsoft Data Recovery produces extract data from the problematic media, without aggravating its condition, thus, it is possible to use other data recovery programs. The program provides the following features: applications:
  • Free use of the program to diagnose problem media. the
  • Receive a free consultation after you send in the Laboratory Fomsoft the result of the analysis of problematic media.
  • Free trial data recovery.
  • Order a Licensed copy of the program that provides data recovery from a certain number of Licensed media.
  • Free order of consulting services using the program with the payment of a positive solution to the problem of data recovery.
  • Ordering the service of joint remote data recovery with employees of Fomsoft laboratory. the
  • Order services of remote data recovery "turn-key" staff Laboratory Fomsoft.
In most practical cases, the program Fomsoft Data Recovery allows you to cope with the loss of access to user information. Most often such cases are:
  • Intentionally or accidentally formatting the problematic media.
  • Partial loss of technical performance of the device due to failures and aging
  • Sudden loss or disconnection of power supply in cases of year the device records information.
  • Removing the interface cable when some data is in RAM and they do not have time to be written.
  • Hardware or software failures of the computer when the disk I / o subsystem is active.
  • Various malicious effects and attacks of infected programs
  • Random situations during the operation of the operating system service tools.
Naturally, the software method of data recovery has its reasonable limitations. The program can recover data only within the amount of information read from the problematic media. If the media is completely technically defective, it is not detected in the BIOS and the operating system does not respond to connecting it to a USB port, the user has no choice but to carry this media in a specialized laboratory for physical repair.
Compared to the traditional technology used by other data laboratories, the technology Of the Fomsoft laboratory it has a number of advantages:

nAdvantagethereby achieving
1Unsurpassed efficiency No need to deliver problem media to the lab
data recovery and back.
2Low cost of service Part of the work is performed by the user with his own hands. This significantly reduces time costs of employees of the Laboratory Fomsoft.
The presence of several tariff payment plans allows employees Of the Fomsoft laboratory to perform work in a convenient for them, the time and the user to save on the cost of the Order.
3100% privacy the Media is always under user control and only links are transmitted over the Internet the location of the data.
4Payment only for verified result the User can pre-check for free the recovery result of some part of the data, and only then make payment for a known result in advance.

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